The love


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‘When I saw you,I fell in love,and you smiled because you knew’-William Shakespeare


When I look into her eyes,I saw everything I need in it

And there was no turning back…….

I was like a butterfly fell into a pool of honey inside a flower.

But I was enjoying……sipping it slowely….

With a prayer;’God ,never let it end..

“let it be  an exclusive relationship”.

Eventhough, it was an experience of heart,I was thinking about the love

“What is love at first sight?”


It is a personal experience of unusual love,unexplainable.

It is a kind of reflex,so natural and spontaneous.

It is a fall in love,

It is a fall because it is  uncontrollable and risky.

And  feels an instant, extreme, and ultimately long-lasting romantic attraction. .

Usually this happens with the gaze of the lady.

the lady hidden,like a shadow in the deeper realm of heart

The love thus generated from the look, is conveyed on bright beams of light from the eyes.

And  like a lightning,when it hits,life changes irrevocably,

Love originates upon the eyes of the lady.

It is a magic.

The two beautiful eyes…like melting candles.

………. the sight of a basilisk,

(a basilisk from the Greek , is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance).

And the look made me egoless……

The gaze, evolved from a desire, falls like a lightening on other persons heart,that inturn evoke a desire in other persons heart- a kind of chain reaction.

Initial period,is a period of doubt- whether the other one  really loves or not.This is a period of emotional turmoil:a period of confusion.

Gaze exchanges,subtle communication,verbal/nonverbal , occur in a unique way,secretly.

The feeling of neutrality in the relation ,get replaced  soon by intense love.

And the crystalization occurs,a kind of confirmation.

“I am yours and you are mine”

then sleepless nights with all kinds of romantic thoughts and fantacy….

No need of food,as the heart is sipping the honey…..

Empirical studies suggest that men fall in love earlier than women and women are quicker to fall out of love than men.

Men is like water and women is like sand,regarding the initiation of love.

And scintifically,this kind of love is related to lower brain.

I think men’s lower brain is well developed than that of women (my own conclusion….chuckle)

I am not forgetting the fact that limbic system is the emotion- centre,and the papez circuit’s involvement in  love…but beyond the substrate,substance,the flaring up of the emotion is astonishing, it is like explosion of an atom…..

Any way…beyond and above the physical reality…..this is the reality.I am in a deep  love with her……I will never let her go…it is eternal….ethereal,  extremely delicate and  so light in a way that seems not to be of this world.

-YOU, want to know who I am with love? ,read the first word of this sentence again………..Smile please.1923916_1639481442980008_873603268841192001_n.jpg(FB)




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