personal life and humanity


death begets life(IREENA WORTHY)

(death begets life…a picture by Ireena worthy


Humans are social animals ,they lives in groups,society.

Their life depends less on instinct than other animals, and more on learning/thoughts,

because they want to live in society.

Humans are rational beings,because they think.

And they have choices.

In modern society,self centeredness is increasing.

.Being human is given,but keeping humanity is a choice.

An individual experiences himself,

his thoughts and feelings seperate from the rest.

this is a delusion.

And a cause for so much agony.

Restricting ourselves to our own personal desires and to affection.

This is our prison.

We call it as personal life..

a chrysalis,pupa

when will we turn into butterflies?

getting out of our comfortzone

into a path of self renounciation.

As human beings our greatness is not in remaking world but in remaking ourselves

By widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures

And the whole of nature in its beauty.





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