International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, 26 June


(picture courtesy -facebook pictures)

I was saving one from the mouth of a roaring sea,

Engulfing him without any mercy on the struggling soul,

When I reached the sea shore with him,

He was icy cold,

When I looked back,

I found another one ,who was drowning,

I saved him by mouth to mouth breathing,

During the resuscitation itself,

I found a third one,drowning

I was fed up with my own work,

It was futile………

Without killing the giant one on the hill top,

Pushing them into the sea,

It was futile


There are Parents based Prevention programs,to save young children from drug abuse:-

By teaching parents better family communication skills,

Learning appropriate discipline styles,

Monitoring children’s activities,

Breaking early behaviors that could be signs of drug abuse in the future,.

Getting to know their friends,

Understanding their problems and concerns,

 Being involved in their learning,

Teaching assertive  skills  to refuse drugs……

The most importance one,good parent-child relationship 


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