Rain in romance

tumblr_nb7zpxnkwl1rkyrm9o1_500.gif wordpress kristal rosetumblr_nb7zpxnkwl1rkyrm9o1_500.gif wordpress kristal rose

(image-Kristel Rose wordpress blog)


silvery drops falling from heaven,

make the sand bed wet,

to wash away all her dirt

make her more agile and beautiful.


an elemental sound of nature,

singing a lullaby to the earthly partner,

listen to the symphony with a lilt of wind,

rejoice  in the rhythm with Hallelujah.


raising a sweet aroma from the tender soul,

healing to her lovely heart,

erase all her  past wounds,

refresh her with a new beginning.


besprinkle from a  holly puddle,

tickling   her lovely dreams,

goose bumps of a sweet romance,

feel her with a warm heart


passes a wet twine through the heart,

arouse  their feelings with,

passionate kisses of  wet lips,

to blend in a blind eternal love.



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