In the wings of a butterfly

1901128_766926506705902_153844336995130796_n.jpg(WMA picture facebook)

(image from WMAP,Fb)

Let me lost in my dreams

like a moonlight dreamer

with secret  kisses in the shadows of

dreamy lovely clouds

Let me roam around in heaven

with a wide opened dreamy eyes

to see her beautiful face in romance

because we were told that

“we are in heaven,bind together forever”

let me dip myself into the deep sea of past

to give its  fossils,a living flesh back

to besprinkle its wings,to fly up in our desires to fuse together

because we were told that

“deep passions will make everything possible”

In this earthly world,in its present arena,

let us twisted together like twigs

in deep kisses,to forget each other in sweet dreams

where the bed is with full of red roses,sweet aroma

with the bubbling wine of love in this night

And a prayer”let the sun and moon stand still where it is”

-do not disturb the  copulating souls in their true freedom,

Let them fly together forever in an infinite zone of boundless love




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