flying dreams



(image from Fb)

In a sleepless night

I saw her…….through my windows

she was beautiful

Her hair was like moonlight in romance

Her eyes were like a pale moon,patches of sadness

her lips were thin like rose petals

her look was like a spear,piercing into the heart

when I met her so close

I could say nothing

just whispered

-I love you.

She whispered back….

I am your muse

Don’t own me

won’t crush me

worship me….

need a little space in your heart

I said…..

I cant see it

it is entirely immersed in you

in deep admiration,love

my muse…………..

And embrace her with a deep kiss

the moonlight was heading to the east

with lovely clouds10255700_1641060249488794_4729122713459325643_n.jpg(FB)

for a new dawn.


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