A feed on love

10517477_727975827267637_2752529150144280950_n.jpgWMAP birds love

(image from facebook photos)

Oh, God,I am thirsty,

Give me something to drink sweeter than honey, lasts longer,
which only hearts can taste,
Let my mouth engulf it from your mouth
as it utters gracious words from thy holy heart,

I wish to stay here for some more years?

with a genuine prayer, not to die soon,till I fetch it for hungry souls
With an eagerness to provide a loving care  to someone,
out of a deep love,
Oh, God, my provider,
an embodiment of pure love.,
Let the living water flow into my heart
And let it overflow
And to feed it into their thirsty hearts.
to embrace in perfect blissful rhythm.
 Let your love wash away all my hatred,
 And let me taste everlasting joy.

12 thoughts on “A feed on love

      1. Also, I was searching through some of your poems trying to find the line that I mentioned had seeded inspiration for me–I made no notes, but I’ll keep checking 🙂

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