Flowers-a pep talk

tumblr_m2kj31xGKk1qhttpto1_1280-709x931.jpg (vladmir kush)

(art by Vladimir kush)

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

It is not the number of friends you have……

you can feel lonely in a crowd,

and in your marriage,

and in your workplace,

It is not just number…….or commitment

but the quality of a relationship is important

It was how you are satisfied in your relationship

And it depends on your perception,your expectation

if it is positive,

it produces positive neurotransmitters in the brain

and it is protective,

it makes your life healthy,

it increases your life span.

The people less connected,

feel lonely,

and it is toxic to their life and brain.

(courtesy-Robert Waldinger,a psychiatrist)


4 thoughts on “Flowers-a pep talk

  1. Expectations are tricky, dangerous…they seem to evolve over time in knowing someone; I don’t always know I have them, then BOOM I get disappointed and I realize indeed I had unconscious/subconscious expectations…

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