Flame of love

(art by Vladmir kush)


I was nothing…..

she was something……

one day she called me:-

‘Come,let us play”

I said ” I can’t play with you”

“I am a bodiless spirit”

“I am worthless”

she said ‘I can give you a new garment”

“so that everybody can see you”

and that makes you’ worth’

but you have to be on my right side

like a metaphor of zero and one”.

It was a garment of love like a flame….

she started the play…….

one kiss…ten ripples of love,

two kisses….one hundred

and so on………

In the end of the play,I said;

“now, you can exist without me

but I can’t exist without you”

she said;’I can be a candle for you,

light me, please…..

I can burn for you’

to melt in your hands,

to blend in a blind love ….

‘make me  walk on air

like a flame of love”.



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