being is being

A candle is burning,

see the flame,

see the smoke,

smell the smoke,

feel the heat,

see the light,

And a candle is melting…….lost for ever?

Now the darkness.

Where the candle, gone?

so far,my mind could apply its tool;senses

but now to sense the ‘spirit”(being) of  the vanished candle,

I have no tool in my mind.

but with my activated spirit I can.




( art by Vladmir kush)

With a logic I can guess its existence,

Can something become nothing?

or just its  reverse:

nothing can become something?

…… intermediary bridge.,

being is being.

it is in something.

it is in anything.

it is in everything.

things can change,

something can become everything or anything,

but it cannot be nothing.

being is any thing but other than nothing.

In between zero and one,I can see

only an infinite bottomless pit;:

both in width and depth.

no one could jump over it……..

being is being.;

being as nothing in a thing

but a thing other than nothing.

but always together with nothing.


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