World Schizophrenia Day on May 24


art by Pon Raghunathan

I want to walk around,to see this beautiful world

I dont want to walk,to see these hypocrites,pretenders.

I want to sit and be lonely to preoccupy with my own fantasies

I dont want to be lonely because I am scared with these unknown sounds.

I want to talk  to someone,a good listener with a good heart

I dont want to talk,prefer self talk, more pleasurable

I dont want to live in these extremes…but

How can I live when people are pulling my legs into extremes.

Splitting me.

I dont want to live in fantasy…but

How can I live in reality,when they ask me

“what is wrong with you?’

I want to be normal…but

What is normalcy?

For my mom…..’be an earning member’

For my doctor….no more symptoms…SYMPTOM FREE

For you…….”no more threatening’

For me…getting my life back…

Show me the path of normalcy

The middle way….Let me walk.

Please Hold me tight….I am scared





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