A heart to heart rub

Oh almighty God,the supreme being

Are you an elephant in darkness.?…….

I could feel nothing but only darkness

And a moving wind when you walk

In the past…

Hindus  lighted their torch ,found out your trunk

Christians with their torch could illuminated your fore leg

Muslims with their light ,found the hind leg

Jews could see the tail with the flame of their torch

Nobody could see you in your whole image

but some could felt you as more than what they saw

As you allowed them to climb upon your  shoulder.

Now,without any delay……

Let me see your mighty power…..

oh the omnipotent God, light up the flame

With a  sparking rub of your mighty hands……

oh the omniscient God,where is my boon companion?

Bring her out from the shadows in the smoke of cremation

Let me see her  graceful face…….immersed in dust and smoke

let me feel the broken solitude in the eye of storm….

for a heart to heart rub.to immerse in the hands of love.

(picture courtesy-novica.com)



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