Dont miss me…set in stone

His childhood was strugglesome….as a rose bud in a winter season

even before he started to differentiate the images around him,

darkness spread over him with

no more shadows …lost the key figure.

When he started to figure out a female face…it was wrinkled

he looked into her breasts,it was flabby with no milk

her fingers were stiff and cold.

His childhood was with bees and rocks

howling wolves snaps him out of his slumber

Once,he looked into the face of a teenage girl

he could see nothing but a  face paled with fear

And he felt nothing but his own  pounding heart

as it was shy and timid within the sweating hands.

Oneday he met a girl in her thirties….

she was taking too much time in her pond

learning to swim with moss in the nostrils

he said’ I can teach you to swim”

she replied’thanks’

he was watching her throughout the day

he whispered himself ‘she is beautiful’

oneday ,with gathered courage after long hours of mirror rehearsal

he could face her;looking into her shining face,he uttered

“Let me marry you”

she was cold and aloof,asked’why do you want  to marry me?

he replied’there is a unique grace in your face’

she said’wait till tomorrow’

Next day  as he arose beyond tenses

he saw her,her face was hiding with a towel

and when he removed it….it was a smack in face

it was the same wrinkled face…….

she was still swimming with  fishes…..


image courtesy-leaf&twig,









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