a walk on love petals


(image from face book-Dominic Savio Feriya)

Let me walk on this love petals,

scared,an impending fall.

Let me walk on my little faith

with my pounding heart.

I am sure………

he will not break my heart

He will be there

waiting just for me,

Holding my hands

not letting me to fall

in the pit of pang…


a dark cat

searched for her face

in millions of souls

shadowed with darkness of

broken heart.

searched her name in a virtual space

linked with headless, million souls

with a drop of tear,clear as dew

a drop in ocean of unknown ache

it was futile



poor widowed heart….it has

nothing to offer other than

its own heart….

and its screaming

‘Love you’


Feel you”

(art by Delawer Omar)





A dish fit for Gods



(art by Vladmir Kush)

At the crack of the dawn,

I,the spring fed coolness

she, a flowing river as a breeze

blended in harmony

to keep soul together in warmth,

to flow into the heaven,

a paradise of unseen love

it so distant

with   clouds as ripples

waves as cotton wool melodies

in our heart’s, shore,

The blooming heaven

looked unto us

with blissful warmth of  early rays

shining as golden ring,of early love,

‘A dish fit for Gods”

to wish….a  good luck.


Flame of love

(art by Vladmir kush)


I was nothing…..

she was something……

one day she called me:-

‘Come,let us play”

I said ” I can’t play with you”

“I am a bodiless spirit”

“I am worthless”

she said ‘I can give you a new garment”

“so that everybody can see you”

and that makes you’ worth’

but you have to be on my right side

like a metaphor of zero and one”.

It was a garment of love like a flame….

she started the play…….

one kiss…ten ripples of love,

two kisses….one hundred

and so on………

In the end of the play,I said;

“now, you can exist without me

but I can’t exist without you”

she said;’I can be a candle for you,

light me, please…..

I can burn for you’

to melt in your hands,

to blend in a blind love ….

‘make me  walk on air

like a flame of love”.


being is being

A candle is burning,

see the flame,

see the smoke,

smell the smoke,

feel the heat,

see the light,

And a candle is melting…….lost for ever?

Now the darkness.

Where the candle, gone?

so far,my mind could apply its tool;senses

but now to sense the ‘spirit”(being) of  the vanished candle,

I have no tool in my mind.

but with my activated spirit I can.




( art by Vladmir kush)

With a logic I can guess its existence,

Can something become nothing?

or just its  reverse:

nothing can become something?

……..no intermediary bridge.,

being is being.

it is in something.

it is in anything.

it is in everything.

things can change,

something can become everything or anything,

but it cannot be nothing.

being is any thing but other than nothing.

In between zero and one,I can see

only an infinite bottomless pit;:

both in width and depth.

no one could jump over it……..

being is being.;

being as nothing in a thing

but a thing other than nothing.

but always together with nothing.


World Schizophrenia Day on May 24


art by Pon Raghunathan

I want to walk around,to see this beautiful world

I dont want to walk,to see these hypocrites,pretenders.

I want to sit and be lonely to preoccupy with my own fantasies

I dont want to be lonely because I am scared with these unknown sounds.

I want to talk  to someone,a good listener with a good heart

I dont want to talk,prefer self talk, more pleasurable

I dont want to live in these extremes…but

How can I live when people are pulling my legs into extremes.

Splitting me.

I dont want to live in fantasy…but

How can I live in reality,when they ask me

“what is wrong with you?’

I want to be normal…but

What is normalcy?

For my mom…..’be an earning member’

For my doctor….no more symptoms…SYMPTOM FREE

For you…….”no more threatening’

For me…getting my life back…

Show me the path of normalcy

The middle way….Let me walk.

Please Hold me tight….I am scared




I cant leave you


16-dont-leave( image from Delawer omar paintings/

She was crawling in a bottomless pit of agony

There was nothing to hold on to

other than her wet pillows in darkness

and nothing to see other than her own bleeding heart.

The past was with full of traumas

even, love was like a kiss of Judas

She was crawling on earth of despair

nothing to climb on….

And to hear nothing other than her own helpless cry

As she started to faint in her hopelessness

on’ a wing and a prayer’….opened her eyes…

she saw a dark cloud,warm and fuzzy,

it was scary for her dubious eyes,

it came down as a deluge,

carried her away to a smoky hill

It whispered…….I have

nothing to offer other than my  own heart

but I can make you ‘walking on air’.



In the seventh heaven


image courtesy;Delawar omar paintings

Am I in the seventh heaven?

Where a sweet aroma spreading all over…….as

rose petals melting in sun’s loving hands….

Where a tender touch growing as boundless

A sweet kiss,shivering me……to melt.

Keeping my heart in your heart

to dance in the rhythm of breeze…

Pulling me out of deep darkness

to cover me up with a shining aura

Nothing  can pull me out as

Finding a space in your soul,

the seventh heaven of love.