The lonely moon

She was fed up with her own aching heart.

Infact, the pain was creeping deeper,deeper into her heart every year.

.Every Christmas eve,she whispered to herself “he might not ever come”.

But this eve was different,somebody knocked at her door….TIC…TIC….

She opened the door impatiently.

There was none.Just a wind passed through the door .

It was sound of the foot steps of someone gone ahead..

‘Oh God when will I meet my soul mate?”.She asked as an impatient,but obedient daughter .

God told her “I have given you a partner”.

She cried to him;
“God, please dont be so cruel to me “.

Ok,Let me ask you something.Have you ever seen your soul? God was very curious.

She asked with a spurt of anger “God dont try to fool me by your stupid question.Dont you feel my ache?.

God replied with a smile;-“you go to the lake in a full moon day”.

‘Dont fool me as you gave me birth to this earth with so much of promises ‘.she replied with an agony.But that day onwards, she started to look into the moon.

.She was visiting the lake every day and throwing a stone each day into the lake as if counting the day.And finally, reached the day.It was a  day with mildly blowing wind.

She gone to the lake and awaited there till the night.The moon peeped up and saw its soul mate and was happy ,looked at her empathetically.she was desperate.

The lake was calm with smooth waves.Suddenly, a man appeared .He was swimming towards her…grabed her hands and pulled her into the lake.

He said “dont be tensed.I was waiting here for many years.You never tried to jump into me…….

“Please feel free ,weightless,timeless,even culturless…and aimless,

dont look for even a logical end.

Just keep the head and your toe in the same plane… float…let the waves show its way.

smile  please…of course,.I was waiting for it.

.(courtesy to google image)large


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