Love with a signature of God

She was lonely and desperate……..

One day, she prayed to God;”Give me a man,to love and to be loved”.

God told her “you will see a man on the way to your workplace.He will blink at you.Then, you have to embrace him”.
Afterward, she was so punctual in her work.She gave up her car and started to walk to her workplace.

One day she met him and it happened exactly as God told to her.She embraced him and whispered, “I was waiting for you, so long”.
He asked her “why did you kiss me without saying anything”.she said,”I was waiting for a man who blinks at me”.

He blinked in astonishment.He said, ” I blinked because I got dust into my eyes”.

She said ” It is a dust from God. I am here to remove it” And blew into his eyes.

He was smiling and said ” now I can see everything vividly and your smiling face too…..and whispered .In fact I was waiting for you.. for a lady who could remove dust from my eyes”.

She said “I will be with you till my last breath”.And whispered “our last breath ‘

– End-

metaphor ;she (sea)& God (Sun)

“(my first short story in English and.a view from Fortkochi)

sun set11

dusk ship1


3 thoughts on “Love with a signature of God

      1. Oh dear Nelson I thank from my heart for this wonderful desire.
        For you and all you love the great blessing.
        In friendship

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