The cute Indian sparrow

The cute Indian sparrow

The bird is native to Europe, Asia and the
Mediterranean region but has also spread to the
North and South American continents and parts
of Africa. The house Sparrow is indeed a widely
distributed bird and out of its 26 members of the
‘Genus Passer’, the Indian House Sparrow is the
least migrant. It is a monogamous bird with around
12 sub species.
House sparrows mostly feed on grain and love to
live in the open countryside. You will often see it
feeding on tiny insects to its young. It is a very
adaptable bird and one of the most urbanized
ones, nesting in crevices and small, narrow holes in
human homes or trees.The male has a black beak, which is
small but thick, with brighter black, brown and
white markings. Females and younger ones are
pale coloured and grey.


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