weekly photochallenge:inside

weekly photochallenge:inside

my own photograph of a painting ,came as a cover page of British journal of psychiatry.I don’t know what the artist meant for the picture.I considered it as a inner turmoil or expression of an emotion.


The Queen

The Queen

“Mary was like a caged tiger in the first days of her captivity. Keen, alert, and watchful, she listened tensely each dawn for the key that unlocked her door. After breakfast she watched the road for messengers, pacing back and forth like a confined feline.

But no messengers ever came.

Elizabeth had abandoned her. Or forgotten her.

And the days passed.

Little by little, the Queen of Scots grew accustomed to her captivity. She no longer heard the key in the lock, or the footsteps outside her door. More often than not it was the maid’s cheerful voice that woke her, along with the hand on Mary’s shoulder and the delicious smells wafting from the breakfast tray.”
― Margaret George, Mary Queen of Scotland & The Isles
(picture courtesy-Lovemeow.com)

Does Buddha swallow Einstein?

Buddha can eat Albert Einstein

As the science start to enter into the realm of spirituality  to demystify the existence of the universe and living beings it got more puzzled…….The atomic energy in a small pebble can destroy all earthly matters….And   our science is unable to say what is an electron,which can act as a particle and as a wave at a given point of time… Now a days quantifying the incidence of telepathy,psychokinesia,clairvoyance etc but unable to explore the causative factors using the tools of our physicist.I believe that the tilt of Earth is increasing day by day towards spirituality.

Even Einstein in his last days,was interested more in meditation and in spirituality.

(Picture courtesy Manorama online)