Emotion refers to a feeling and its attendant thoughts, psychological and biological states, and a range of impulses to act. When you give a positive surprise to someone, you are creating a positive feeling in psychological dimension and stimulating positive neurotransmitters in biological dimension. This will help the person to prune his inner critic(the negative self talk) in a positive direction and eventually leads to positive self esteem. The positive neurotransmitters generated by positive surprise such as dopamine, endorphins etc will protect the person from heart attack, peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma,diabetes and other psychosomatic illness and it will reduce day to day stress.
The positive surprise movement developed by Dr.Nelson kattikat, Fortkochi,kerala is a movement ,by giving positive surprise to someone to generate positive neurotransmitters in the body and thus reduce stress and ill health. Its aim is simple.Practically,give at least 1 positive surprise in a week to someone. We are creating various ways in which positive surprise can induce to some one. One of the methods is giving an unusual gift or positive regards as birthday wish to someone who is not expected anything at all or providing unusual help to someone. One of My doctor friend, a government doctor, while he was sitting in OP.a stranger approached him for certificate for a bedridden patient in order to get financial assistance from govt.The stranger could not bring the patient but brought a certificate from pvt doctor saying that the patient was severely demented and bed ridden. My friend could not issue the certificate as they didn’t bring the patient. My friend told him its impossible to issue the certificate. However he asked his address. A few days later my doctor friend visited the house of the bedridden and issued the certificate. It was a real surprise for that stranger. When we started to surprise others, people started surprise us also as a natural response. This makes us also very happy. Infact thinking and creating various ways to surprise people removed boredom from my life. I invite everyone to join this movement . Provide us more suggestions and ways to make positive surprise.


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