My first experience with a Devil-


While I was doing hypnotic relaxation to one of my patient,who was suffering from involuntary abnormal movement of hands and feet for 14 years, suddenly,an abnormal “being” got expressed.It asked me in a devilish voice;-Do you have any special power from God to cast me out of this person?.I commanded the “being” :- “come out  in the name of Jesus Christ”.With a loud voice the “being” left the patient.And the patient got cured completely without any medicine.
Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck researched exorcisms and claimed to have conducted two himself. He concluded that the Christian concept of possession was a genuine phenomenon. He derived diagnostic criteria somewhat different from those used by the Roman Catholic Church. He also claimed to see differences in exorcism procedures and progression. After his experiences, and in an effort to get his research validated, he attempted but failed to get the psychiatric community to add the definition of “Evil” to the DSM-IV.


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