Rejection and the agony


A feeling of rejection at any age can cause harmful effect on our mind.Rejection can occur at the time of conception or within uterus-Eg.born as a unwanted child to parents ,who were not planned for a child,or, as an illegal child to an unmarried girl.

During childhood,as a female child ,if born to parents ,who were expecting a male child. During adolescence, rejected by opposite sex when searching for a friend to share love,or abused by others-physical,verbal,sexual; harassed by school teachers being a bad student.

In middle age , rejected by partner as a useless person,as a result of unsatisfied expectations.In old age, by caregivers as a burden,unproductive being.
Rejection inflict deep wound,which leads to inferiority complex,self pity,paranoia(suspicious),Alexithymia(inability to derive pleasure from pleasurable situation) inability to give and receive love.
Do u want to heel your wound in your soul?

The only solution is forgiveness.Forgive those who have rejected you,mentaly,physicaly….inner healing is a technique to relieve you from ur wounded mind.