Conditioning effect


Pavlove when described conditioned reflex,he may not be aware  about its application in schizophrenia. Even the skinner…

I think schizophrenia is a disease of conditioning.

The Schizophrenic’s  shrinkage into their own inner world is a reaction to outside-external- negative- painful-stimuli=a learned preoccupation/self withdrawal

As they preoccupy with their inner world,they became more tuned to inner cues than external cues and

a faulty conditioning happens,their inner cues  get tied up with schizophrenic symptoms

When they get particular inner cue,they hears particular sound-auditory hallucination

and to another cue they get a particular thought-delusion.

I have observed conditioning effect in marital discord too.

negative conditioning occurs between the partners so much so when just hearing partner;s voice or seeing figure/face generate unconsciously negative emotion or attitude towards the partner which was developed in various conflicting situations in their past life situations

In short even though partners wants to continue a peaceful married life their unconscious mind will not allow it because of negative conditioning effect (as partners some features associated/paired with negative emotion which generated via various past conflicts)

Negative emotion will pop up even during neutral conversation with  partner-an unconscious conditioning effect



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