Searching for my soul mate?

Where is she?…..looking through the window(window XP);


do you believe in ideal love? I asked her

she said;- WE CAN SEARCH(google search)

It was a journey through the virtual space……..

We met Plato;

Plato:-There is an ideal form for everything …

Do U think ‘1 ‘ really exist?

if 1(one )exist and play a real role in Ur world, it should exist  in its ideal form.

If you can draw a circle, there is a perfect circle  exist in its real form….

Searching for ideal……come out as question…..

Can I believe that your love is an ideal one? being paranoid is my habit.

Suddenly she disappeared…..then the agony of the emptiness,dense darkness;

Dear soul mate…..

…………I think I started feeling it at the first moment I met you…

I even tried to ignore  my feelings,taking it all a mere illusion:just an affinity to a good-looking girl…….

But none of them ever helped.I grew more and more helpless…..

I had always thought that the feeling of love was alien to me….

but now your mere absence…..

Where is she…?


the perfect form exist there….up above the sky……..

can you show the route?…..walk over the water…..with….faith.


Conditioning effect


Pavlove when described conditioned reflex,he may not be aware  about its application in schizophrenia. Even the skinner…

I think schizophrenia is a disease of conditioning.

The Schizophrenic’s  shrinkage into their own inner world is a reaction to outside-external- negative- painful-stimuli=a learned preoccupation/self withdrawal

As they preoccupy with their inner world,they became more tuned to inner cues than external cues and

a faulty conditioning happens,their inner cues  get tied up with schizophrenic symptoms

When they get particular inner cue,they hears particular sound-auditory hallucination

and to another cue they get a particular thought-delusion.

I have observed conditioning effect in marital discord too.

negative conditioning occurs between the partners so much so when just hearing partner;s voice or seeing figure/face generate unconsciously negative emotion or attitude towards the partner which was developed in various conflicting situations in their past life situations

In short even though partners wants to continue a peaceful married life their unconscious mind will not allow it because of negative conditioning effect (as partners some features associated/paired with negative emotion which generated via various past conflicts)

Negative emotion will pop up even during neutral conversation with  partner-an unconscious conditioning effect