cognitive surgery

Cognitive process is nothing but our perception & thought process.What we are, is infact- what our cognition is.Cognitive surgery is removing  malicious thoughts from our cognition.What r malicious thoughts?Thoughts which r like a virus destroying our ‘self’.These thoughts can be conscious or unconscious.One way to  catch our unconscious negative thought is  to identify or being aware  about our negative emotion/feeling & trace back to the “mother thought” which delivered it.When we start to identify our negative thoughts and consider the feeling is just a product of the  momentary thought,our clinging to our feeling as “My feeling” will diminish.. ImageWhen our mind is alert & searching for the arrival of the traitor/ thief (negative thought),naturally,the thoughts will reduce in number.


when we see a person……

there is a projected person,

there is a real person,

there is an ideal person.

when we see a person’s psych…..

there is a person who is visible to you,

there is a person visible  only to the person itself,

there is a person not visible either  to the person  itself or to you