Happiness in a family

All happy family are happy in all their ways,and all unhappy family are unhappy in their own way.Family is a unit in which interaction,communication and activities occur in a particular unique manner.Family system involves persons with particular role of functioning and a style(way) of functioning.If the system is faulty,it can be manifested as abnormality in any person in the family,usually through mentally weak /immature person.Family can be democratic or autocratic (authoritative).

If it is democratic,key person,usually father take decisions after getting a consent from other family members. And it will be a product of active discussion/communication.This may consume more time and energy and delay in implementing the final decision .\,but increases the cohesiveness between members and the creativity/potentiality of each member.

Autocratic family system is uni dimensional and it function under a autocratic key figure,usually father.Advantage of the system is it function with less /no delay in decision making and implementing the decision. But it induces an identity crisis in other members ,and it may make them frustrated.

Attitude of each member towards oneself,towards others/world is important.If it is positive,optimistic,mature then it will generate a positive atmosphere in the family.Management of personal stress,-ways of dealing with stress,reaction to stress are all influences the happiness within the family.


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