In our society,life events are  more stressful and the supportive system is weak compared to past.So people are more prone to ill effects of stress such as depression.In depression ,people develop a negative concept about self,world and their future.A depressive person selectively abstract negative events from his /her own life and magnify it so that he/her become hopeless,which can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Minor negative events when occur successively,can produce depression as cumulative response as   a kind of over sensitivity.An initial minor negative event which is unable to produce depression will become capable to produce depression when it occurs repeatedly. This mechanism of kindling make every day life-stress as a significant factor



Happiness in a family

All happy family are happy in all their ways,and all unhappy family are unhappy in their own way.Family is a unit in which interaction,communication and activities occur in a particular unique manner.Family system involves persons with particular role of functioning and a style(way) of functioning.If the system is faulty,it can be manifested as abnormality in any person in the family,usually through mentally weak /immature person.Family can be democratic or autocratic (authoritative).

If it is democratic,key person,usually father take decisions after getting a consent from other family members. And it will be a product of active discussion/communication.This may consume more time and energy and delay in implementing the final decision .\,but increases the cohesiveness between members and the creativity/potentiality of each member.

Autocratic family system is uni dimensional and it function under a autocratic key figure,usually father.Advantage of the system is it function with less /no delay in decision making and implementing the decision. But it induces an identity crisis in other members ,and it may make them frustrated.

Attitude of each member towards oneself,towards others/world is important.If it is positive,optimistic,mature then it will generate a positive atmosphere in the family.Management of personal stress,-ways of dealing with stress,reaction to stress are all influences the happiness within the family.