Mind or Psyche is the faculty by which one is aware of surroundings and by which one is able to experience emotions, remember, reason and make decision.And stress is a process of adapting to challenge as a result of transaction between the person and the situation.Stress can occur  when “good” things happen and it is called Eu-stress

When stress occurs, our mind may translate it into our own body parts as a defense mechanism.Some people translate it into skin and they are called skin reactors.They may develop psoriasis,skin itching(urticaria),even skin cancer.Some are cardiac reactors and they  may develop heart problems as a reaction to stress.Some are intestine/stomach reactors and are prone to peptic ulcer,frequent stomach upset (irritable bowl syndrome)

To same stress,people may respond in various ways and in various intensity.The stress response depends on personality,previous experience with the stress,frustration tolerance,coping style.Type A personality(people who are ambitious with time urgency) are more prone to stress.People who have previous exposure are more stress tolerant to the same stress.

some of the  general effects of stress are Impaired performance,Burnout, Lethargy,Mood disturbance,Concentration difficulties,Sleep and appetite disturbances,Other medical problems

Stress can be controlled by Progressive muscular relaxation,Breathing exercises,Meditation,Yoga, Biofeedback,Guided Imagery ,Counseling ,Hypnosis ,Massage Therapy and,Acupuncture .

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