Undercurrents in communication

Communication between two persons (sender  reciever), is in fact  not a  momentary,temporary affair but an ongoing continuous process lasts life long.Not only the exchange of ideas but also the exchange of emotions takes place in communication. We may easily forget the idea but not the feeling /emotion created by the communication.Such a feeling will get stored in our “emotional memory store” about the  person(sender).In other words,an emotional understanding to catagorise the  person occurs during the Communication This  emotional understanding  pop up when we meet the person next time..which can be negative or positive….which has continuous effect and also a cumulative  effect as the communication continues.

If you elicit a negative emotional reaction towards you in the reciever in first communication,there is a risk of getting similar sort of evaluation or reaction in second communication  too,since it is an ongoing process.I mean there is a  sustainable unconscious  emotional effect in communication.

Secondly,a previously stored information about the person ,got from another person can colour the first communictaion itself. I mean the emotional understanding/ catagorisation may not be communication derived but from simple second hand information obtained prior to the first communication.

Communication can be verbal and nonverbal.Nonverbal represents your posture,your facial expressions,your movements,which has more ability to create an unconscious effect than verbal.

In certain communication,you may not be knowingly responsible for a negative reaction/evaluation from the other person. Unknowingly,you may activate some of the negative deposits in the unconscious realm of the other person.for example…your voice is similar to his brothers voice…then your voice will activate the center with emotional memory towards his brother…if it is negative…you will get a negative reaction for which you are not actually responsible….this kind of emotional transference is so common in our communication.

Critical comments are sharp aggressive comments which cause insult to the other person.Surely that will elicit a negative reaction.In Indian situations ,people are using more critical comments in their communication. I have noticed this in interaction between parent and child ,in public places,in bus between conductor& passengers, in  treasury,in public institutions etc.Simple ,polite communication is disappearing from our community.

Every relationship in our life is a byproduct of our communication.Be positive  in communication by avoiding prejudices & critical comments; and be aware about unconscious  dimensions.


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